Joyce Berentsen

Recruitment Consultant

Joyce Berentsen is Recruitment Consultant and joined the Inspired team in April 2017. She is employed at Inspired-Talent, which focuses on young talent in the Supply Chain Management and Logistics industry. Joyce likes to focus on both the personal- as the professional development of people. These two are combined in the traineeship offered by Inspired-Talent. Joyce is always searching for the perfect match between talent and organization, supported by her analytical skills, critical thinking and her focus on the development of people.


By following several internships and performing various assignments at diverse organizations, Joyce has gained experience in the field of Human Resource Management and recruitment. Due to the distinct working conditions, she is able to easily adjust to new situations and people. Furthermore, Joyce focuses on the soft skills of people. Due to the fast changing environment, soft skills are getting more attention in the Supply Chain. Joyce is eager to learn and is stimulated by challenges. The fact that the Supply Chain world is relatively new to her, she is very eager to understand this world.


Joyce has a Bachelor degree in Organization studies at Tilburg University. Currently, she is finishing the Master Organization Studies and the Master Human Resource Studies, also at Tilburg University.

Activities and other interests

By engaging in informative events, Joyce stays informed on her field of study and learns about new developments. In her leisure time she guides upcoming students with their study choice.

Contact Joyce Berentsen

Recruitment Consultant

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